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Home of Nostalgia

Selling vintage goods that send you back to your childhood & fond memories of yesteryear. Occasionally making things that fit my fancy.

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About Us

Picture of the owner of Petite Curio Boutique, Lucia Williams, at the beach

Who are We?

We're a small business based in Arizona. We spend time scouring the state to procure one of a kind, funky, vintage goods. We also like to dabble in the handmade arts and make anything from wall decor to our comically morbid tea cups. Feel free to look around and reach out on our contact us page if you have any questions. Cheers!

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What if I need to contact you?

If you ever need to contact us for any reason, whether you have a question about our business or have feedback about one (or multiple!) of our items, do not fret!

You can easily contact us using our contact us page.

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